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14th Sep 2019, 2:48 AM



Previous Blog | Next Blog Hey folks thanks to everyone that stops by, it's much appreciated. First things first: Because of issue with Ko-Fi i've changed the link around to It'd be different if Ko-Fi didn't require a bank account for merchant verification(which I don't have since my paypal was grandfathered in). Next on the update list is that I've stopped updating both my FurAffinity and DeviantArt as Comic Fury already gives me more views then both sites combined. However, with all the crazyness that''s going on in my life I'm going to try and get new pages done and uploaded every 3 days until November when I'm moving west with my folks. I was born and raised in California and going out there will help survey the damage of my parents' place in AZ(it was broken into not that long ago), so that's two for two. On top of that I'll be within driving distance of a certain panda so that's a home run in my book :D

Keep waggin,
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