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22nd Oct 2019, 12:48 AM


Stranger Things

Previous Blog | Next Blog Evening everyone, as some may have noted there's net here at my parents place in TN - granted it's satellite net so at times it's worse then dial-up but beggers can't be choosers. That said, celebrated my birthday on the 14th with surpsied gifts of a Wacom tablet, sketchbook, and pencil set. Having the tablet has allowed me to really set LUA apart from itself stylisitcally - it's taken on a style that's more in line with Steve Gulluci or Sy, and that's ok. What does that mean exactly? It means the comic is firstly going to a single page format(and in most cases a single scene format) set in black & white. The story isn't changing, just the style of the art. The humor is still going to be there and the adventures are just heating up! This also means I've started writing out future story arcs instead of a whatever attitude to avoid any change of writers block(nifty, right?). That being said, I'm also stepping out into a couple of relms to see how they play. The first is offering an interactive pdf of a colorized version of the comic along with some tidbits for $1. Whenever Capital One gets their thumb out their bum, I'll be able to offer this interactive PDF on amazon kindle products also for only $1. The second is the ad banner down at the bottom of site. It's there to help generate revenue. Why? without revenue I wouldn't be able to extend the outreach of the comic at conventions, SL, or other ventures(the biggest one right now is a virtual gallery for Second Life).

I'm still moving to Arizona sometime around the first but this way I should have pages up to cover the downtime(and reduce needless fillers).

Stay frosty,
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