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29th Dec 2019, 8:06 AM


Only a few left!

Previous Blog Woo! Only a few more back pages to update! Actually it's more like 1 page but still... 2019's ending for me personally on a sour note and Monday's page will explain it.
As we move into 2020 I'm very hopeful. There's alot I would like to do with LUA like integrate the holiday pics into the storyline instead of thrown in there(I've seen lots of comics do this with great effect). As the comic goes on, we'll see more of Japan hopefully - from being around Star and Jackie(irl twitch streamers in Japan), I think I have a pretty good feel about Japan, but under no circumstance will I say I'm a pro. Language over there is always changing as it folks' attitudes. I'm also trying really super hard to not be stereotypical.

An influencer messaged me over DA a couple weeks ago and we'll see how that goes. As much as I distaste the fact that I need to art to generate income, I need to art to generate income. I've attempted using kofi, paypal, ad banners, and patreon to no avail. I know we just got over Christmas and New Year's is literally around the corner, and i'll still be pounding away in 2020 to make this work for me. I enjoy doing LUA, I really do and the comic does receive views so..

Yeah i'm starting to babble, sorry ^.-!
Take care, be safe, and thanks to my lone subscriber.
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